Thursday, June 24, 2010

off to Africa for a while, so there will be a little hiatus in my posting here. gots to go climb me a mountain...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

giant demon megan fox eating people

the wheels on the bus...

fact: if i'm going to potentially be an illustrator one day, i'd best learn how to draw better. and faster. and so, i've been creeping people on the bus, sketching and doodling for ~30 minutes a day, fiddling with new styles. i scanned a few pics, here are some of the results (newest to oldest).

self portrait

first blog regurgitated!

i am tyler, and welcome to blog blog. here you will find many things, including my blog posts. i will try to post new things when i feel like it, at undetermined intervals of approximately i have no idea amounts of time in between each one. this is for me, and me only, as a means of cataloguing my stuff, and for my friends and family to see what i'm up to. if you're neither friend or family, it's ok, you can stay too... yay!